PV-9 (α-POP)


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Synonyms——-PV-9, α-POP
IUPAC………..1-​phenyl-​2-​(pyrrolidin-​1-​yl)octan-​1-​one,​ monohydrochloride
Formula……..C18H27NO • HCl
Molecular weight…..309.9



PV-9 is a new analogue of a-PVP where the pentyl side chain is elongated by three carbons. According to our researchers tests PV-9 reacts almost the same as Pentedrone and a-PVP. Some has already said that it is noverl a-PVP and Pentedrone replacement.
PV9s chemical formula is C18H27NO with a weight of 309.9 mol. The appearance is small crystals Other known synonyms of PV9 are: α-POP and a-POP.

Our PV-9 is HPLC testes and we guarantee highest purity of the product.